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Mayor Dewey Bartlett has used common sense and a steady hand to put Tulsa back on the right path. No longer is Tulsa losing jobs; we're growing jobs, violent crime is down and City Hall is financially sound.

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Let’s Finish Strong!

Want to help spread our message to voters across Tulsa? Come to our Campaign HQ (3307 S. Harvard Ave) today between 9:00am and 9:00pm, or tomorrow from 9:00am to 7:00pm to join one of our door-to-door teams. The first wave of walkers will go out at 10:00am. Come alone, or better yet, bring two friends! We will be in neighborhoods across Tulsa and on the phones all day reminding people the election is tomorrow. Join us today and pass along this message to your friends and family to help spread the word!

Also, I encourage you to change your Facebook and Twitter profile photos to the image at the right starting tomorrow! Make your voice heard and share your support!

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We’re Seizing Momentum…

WE CANNOT REST until the last voter has gone to the polls at 7pm Tuesday! The Tulsa World poll looks good, but remember Taylor likely has the most expensive, advanced get-out-the-vote effort money can buy. PLEASE come walk neighborhoods and make calls with us today!

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Watch Our New Ad: “Taylor will do anything…”

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Join Us This Friday For A GOTV Rally With Governor Fallin

GOTV Rally with Governor Mary Fallin
Mayor Dewey Bartlett’s Campaign HQ
This Friday, November 8th
5:00pm – 6:00pm
3307 S. Harvard Ave.

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What Our New Ad: Tale of Two Tulsas

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Watch Our New Ad: “Record”

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Stanley Glanz: Dewey Bartlett will keep law enforcement strong

Via Tulsa World

It has been my honor to serve the city of Tulsa in various capacities for nearly 50 years, both as a Tulsa police officer and as your Tulsa County sheriff. In that time I’ve seen politicians come and go and heard plenty of political promises to make public safety a top priority. I can tell you, Mayor Dewey Bartlett is a man who lives up to his promise on public safety.

From working with Dewey, I have seen firsthand his understanding of the importance of having boots on the ground and providing those in law enforcement with the proper resources to successfully perform the job of keeping Tulsans safe.

Dewey Bartlett understands the necessity of having strong collaboration with all those that have a hand in public safety. As long as Tulsa has criminals, we will need more boots on the ground and more citizens willing to take on the mantle of law enforcement. Tulsa is lucky to have such a strong law enforcement team — from our deputies and police officers to our district attorneys and judges. We all work together to fight crime in our city. Dewey Bartlett has been a strong advocate of not only getting more police officers on the street, but also providing law enforcement officers with the resources they need to be successful. I know our crime rate will continue to decline so long as we continue to make public safety a priority.

Equally as important as making public safety a priority is Dewey’s ability to work with all the entities involved in keeping Tulsa safe. As a county official, it’s been great working with Dewey because he understands we serve the same taxpayers. It is unfortunate when some leaders don’t take that same collaborative approach because at the end of the day, public safety problems are often extremely complicated, and must be handled with a “team first” attitude. I know whenever Tulsa faces a problem, Dewey works with all of us to find the solution.

Perhaps Dewey’s best quality is his commitment to fiscal responsibility. It’s easy for a politician to come up with a public safety plan, but designing a great plan with funding to pay for it is the most critical component. Dewey continues to impress me with his ability to find efficiencies and substantial cost savings for the city which ultimately provide new funding for public safety. We look forward to implementing a similar type audit at the county as we address our pressing needs at the Tulsa County jail.

As you go to mark your ballot next Tuesday, I hope you choose to support Dewey Bartlett. Tulsa needs a mayor who will continue to focus on public safety and find ways to keep law enforcement strong. The county and all the other officials need a mayor who we can work with, to best serve the taxpayers and provide a collaborative approach to public safety. We also need a mayor who understands budgeting principles and will strive to find all the cost savings possible. Dewey Bartlett is that man, and I am proud to support his re-election.

Stanley Glanz is the sheriff of Tulsa County.

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Family of Tulsa mayor Dewey Bartlett says oil man’s more than just a politician

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